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Got Serious IRS Tax Problems?

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Paducah, Kentucky Tax Attorney


Can an Ohio tax attorney really help you with your IRS debt in Paducah, Kentucky?  You might be surprised.

With each passing day the penalties on your tax lien could be quickly building to the point where you may no longer be able to pay them.  Unlike many of life’s problems, IRS debts don’t simply fade away.  Just the opposite, it just gets bigger as more time goes by.

Most legal problems are “local”.  You should always use a local attorney if you’re going to be involved in a lawsuit in a local courthouse.  IRS problems are different because the IRS uses the same policies and procedures and tactics across the entire country.  There is no difference between an IRS problem in Paducah and an IRS problem in Akron.  What matters is you find someone who deals with the IRS on a day-to-day basis.  My name is Len Stauffenger and I have been helping folks from all walks of life put their IRS problem behind them.  I have helped plant workers, truck drivers, business owners, supervisors and City employees.  Just about every profession you can imagine.  The common thread is that they are all surprised at how much easier it is to solve your IRS problem than they originally thoughts.

If you’re ready to finally be done with the IRS, call me at (888) 582-4989.  You will receive a free consultation and I’ll answer the questions that concern you the most.  I’ll explain to you how we go about solving IRS problems.  We’ve been doing it for years.