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Got Serious IRS Tax Problems?

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Youngstown Tax Attorney


If you live in Northeast Ohio and you’re looking for a Youngstown tax attorney to help you with your IRS or State tax problems, you’re in luck.  You can take a short trip down Interstate 76 and meet with an attorney based in Akron whose practice is devoted to solving personal and business IRS tax problems.  We offer phone consultations and many of our clients from around the State and around the country take advantage of that.  You can to, but if you want to make the short drive from Youngstown to Akron, we would be happy to accommodate you.  Either way you’ll get a free consultation with Len and he will answer all of your questions and explain the options available to you in solving IRS problems.

Most people want to make their IRS problems go away, they just don’t know how and what makes it worse, they can’t find anyone to tell them what their options are.  Revenue officers with the IRS get paid to collect money, not solve the overall problem.

Once the IRS has targeted you, they simply don’t stop.  Many people ignore the problem because they don’t know where to turn.  That just makes it worse.  The interest and penalties just keep adding up even if you’re not paying attention.

Eventually the IRS will cease your assets whether it be bank accounts, wages, or other assets.


Whether you have an income tax problem or a payroll tax problem, take the first step to regain your piece of mind.  Pick up the phone and make a call but get started.

Until you take the first step to solve your IRS problems it will never go away.  Call me at (888) 582-4989. I will answer your questions and explain how you can put the IRS behind you.