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There are many different ways that we can provide you with tax help. IRS tax problems don’t go away on their own, you need to take swift action to help right the ship. Here are some of the ways that we can help with IRS tax debt solutions and some frequently asked questions that many people have.

Offer in Compromise

The amount I owe the IRS is so large that I can’t pay it off. What can I do?
That’s the purpose of an Offer in Compromise. This program offers taxpayers a chance to get a fresh start. An offer in compromise allows a taxpayer that cannot pay his tax liabilities an opportunity to settle for less than he owes.
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Can I appeal an IRS decision?
Yes, a taxpayer may appeal by filing certain paperwork. The appeal must be filed in a timely and correct manner to prevent important taxpayer rights from being lost.
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Penalty Forgiven

Is it possible to have my penalties eliminated?
Yes, it is possible to have 100% of your penalties forgiven or removed with proper IRS tax help. Requesting the IRS to abate penalties differs on a case-by-case basis.
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Garnishment Release

My paycheck was just garnished. Can you help?
Yes. We negotiate with the IRS – you will not have to deal with the IRS, that’s why you hire us to help with IRS problems you are facing – to release your wage garnishment.
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Lien Removal

The IRS has filed a lien against me. What now?
The lien attaches to all property you own or will acquire in the future. Often, we can prevent a lien from being filed with timely IRS tax help. If it has already been filed, we will negotiate with the IRS and there are ways to have the lien removed.
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Other Appeals

Can I appeal the IRS’ decision for an IRS levy or seizure?
You may file a collection appeal in writing before the IRS follows through on their levy or seizure. This form will be reviewed by an appeals officer, who will make a determination, usually within days.

Statute of Limitations

Is there a statute of limitations that can prevent the IRS from collecting old taxes.
From the date of the assessment, the IRS has ten years to collect on tax liability. However, there are many exceptions to this rule, which is why it’s so important to get qualified help with IRS issues.
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Payroll Taxes

I owe payroll taxes. Can I be helped?
The IRS is very aggressive when it comes to collecting payroll taxes. Penalties and assessments by the IRS will quickly increase the amount due.
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Taxes Owed By a Spouse or Former Spouse

Do I have to pay taxes my spouse or former spouse owes?
The IRS knows this happens and has developed guidelines by which a person may qualify as an “innocent spouse.” If you qualify, you may be released from tax liabilities, penalties and interest incurred by your spouse or former spouse.
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Can I file bankruptcy and get rid of the back taxes?
Maybe, but you must qualify. Sometimes part of the debt is dischargeable in bankruptcy but it varies on a case by case basis with proper IRS tax help.
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Getting Information From the IRS

How would I know when and how my IRS problems started?
The Freedom of Information Act was passed by Congress requiring government agencies to disclose information when requested. Part of the help with IRS debt that we provide is obtaining this information on a taxpayer’s behalf to better understand the whole problem and devising a solution.

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